May 31, 2009

you walked away with my soul in your pocket
and now i am vacant
with each pull of breath
cigarette crumbles
his exhale clouds around my head
your sunglasses reflect
a blunt, misshapen me
a whiskey gleam
his skin on scarlet sheets

May 29, 2009

grates like tv snow
like a chest engorged
with unrealized tears
he looked at me,
and happiness
trumpeted from his eyes

May 28, 2009

the ocean
pulses in chaotic rhythm
the sun in nova slips into her

only here can they meet
without destruction

only here can she welcome him
without boiling away to nothing
the soul of a sociopath:
a tray of gleaming
surgeon's instruments
honed to slice my
messy heart
the rose bud, a lady's teacup
poised on a saucer of green